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Back massage

26th August 2021

Back Facial

“In my experience as a beauty therapist, I have found that facials for the back have been more popular with male clients.

It includes a deep cleanse and clay mask to draw out any excess oil and dirt from the pores. Many people suffer with back-acne and blackheads. This treatment does wonders for blemishes like this.

The back is also a place where excess sebum is secreted on to the skin, causing break outs. If it’s a male client working in the construction, trade or any industry where the work is predominantly more active, they may be the perfect candidate for this treatment.”

Back massage


“More and more men are starting to opt for facials over any other treatment when coming into the spa. This is because there is a lot more awareness on the need to keep skin cleansed and fresh. I recommend our Be Clear Facial which deeply cleanses the skin.

As mentioned above, if it is a male client working outside, they will be exposed to pollution and environmental factors which will have an effect on the ageing process. Facials can help slow this down.”

Male facial


“Particularly before they go on holidays, male clients often book in for pedicures. I love that there is more awareness male self-care, not just women. Plus it’s always good to have your feet ready before a visit to the beach!”

The Spa at The Athenaeum

Eyebrow waxing and shaping

“When I am freelancing, I get lots of requests from men to get their eyebrows waxed or shaped, especially if they have had their hair recently done. A little tidy up is all that’s needed and the transformation is so effective. Nearby men’s groomers Jack the Clipper in Shepherd’s Market offers threading to get your brows in shape!”

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