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Jim the Doorman at The Athenaeum

30th March 2021

Joanne Taylor-Stagg, General Manager

I am most looking forward to a seeing The Athenaeum become a bustling hotel once again. Without the people, a hotel is just a building and I miss seeing the smiles of our guests everyday. Like many others I’m sure, I’m also very much looking forward to being able to hug my friends and family.

Stephen Fox, Director of Sales

Going out to eat. As someone who likes trying new food and cuisines, I enjoy going out to restaurants to eat so I’ve certainly missed this a lot. In fact, I’ll be booking a table at Muse by Tom Aikens as soon as possible!

Ian Howard, Head Chef

I can’t wait to be able to open the kitchen up properly again, brush off the cob webs so to speak, not literally! And of course, to start cooking again.

Joanne Taylor-Stagg
Sales Headshot-6
Head Chef Ian Howard

Kim Whitehorn, Guest Experience Manager

What I’m looking forward post-lock down at work is welcoming back all kinds of guests, customers as well as work colleagues. Being able to see regular guests as well as customers and the chance to have a little chat while checking them in or serving them a coffee. Chatting to cab drivers after they drop of guests off and laughing with them as they tell you their latest jokes. And generally just having people sitting or just milling around bringing the hotel back to life. The multiple interactions with many people as possible is what most look forward too.

Outside of work I’m looking forward to seeing and catching up with my all family face to face for Sunday dinner. Celebrating everyone’s birthdays that we have missed and catching up with colleagues outside of work once more. It will feel luxurious to be able to move around freely and to be spontaneous in my actions both at work and in my personal life.

John Giles, Doorman

It’s been such a long time since I have been able to open the doors to The Athenaeum and welcome all our cherished guests, so this is first on the list for me! During my time off, I’ve found a new hobby in swimming so I’m also looking forward to continuing with the occasional swim, especially with the warmer weather on it’s way.

Residence Front Door
Jim the Doorman

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