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Gusbourne Sparkling Rose
Freedom Brewery Lager Outdoors
Canapés at 116 at The Athenaeum

5th January 2021


Established in Kent, a combination of the best age-old traditions with modern technology allows Gusbourne to sit comfortably between old and new world winemaking. They produce fine sparking English wine, and once restrictions are lifted, a visit to their beautiful vineyard makes a fabulous day trip from London.


Gusbourne Sparkling Rose

Watts Farm

We have nurtured a long-term relationship with family-run Watts Farm based in Kent. The team at Watts Farm are constantly investing in new ways of farming that extends the UK season length, meaning we can keep British fruit on our menus for longer.


Iced berries at 116 at The Athenaeum

Delilah’s Gin Co

Delilah’s Gin is an independent small batch gin inspired by the love of art deco and a beautiful miniature dachshund, called Delilah! Distilled and bottled in Devon, it’s fruity on the nose with hints of gooseberry, pomegranate and lemon, and crisp and smooth on the tongue.


Fabio making cocktails

Marr Fish

Like many suppliers, Marr Fish, who supply us with the freshest fish from Peterhead Scotland, have now started delivering to homes across the UK in the form of their Marrfish Fishboxes. Whether you’re looking for fresh fish, deli seafood or frozen fish, all of it is sustainable, organic and the very best quality you could ask for.


Canapés at 116 at The Athenaeum

Freedom Brewery

Originating in London 25 years ago, Freedom Brewery’s ethos is ‘Independent. Natural. Sustainable’. All of their beers are 100% vegan, naturally carbonated and unpasteurised and they use our own unique water supply located beneath the brewery. Best of all, their beers are smooth and full of flavour.



Freedom Brewery Lager Outdoors

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