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REN Clean Skincare

18th February 2022

1. Exfoliate

The cold winter months can be harsh and drying on the skin, so, as we enter spring where the air grows warmer around us, it’s the perfect opportunity to scrub away the dry and flaky skin cells that are left over from the bitter winter, leaving a fresh layer of skin underneath, ready for the new season ahead.

2. SPF

Applying SPF is important all year round, but now as we make the change from hibernating indoors away from the icy winter air to spending more time outdoors in the spring sunshine it means that our skin’s exposure to harmful UV rays is increased. Protect your skin by wearing sunscreen.

REN Clean Skincare

3. Moisturise

Although spring is warmer with the air less drying, it is still important that you moisturise. During the day, stick to a light hydrating moisturiser – heavier creams are best kept for night time.

4. Treat your skin to a facial

For something a little more indulgent, pop down to The Spa at The Athenaeum where one of our expert and highly trained therapists will assess your skin before treating it to a facial, using products from the luxury skincare brand, Temple Spa. You have a choice of six different treatments, all of which will leave your skin glowing with new life this spring. We recommend the Bespoke Facial, which is designed to suit your personal skin type and concerns, making it the perfect option as we enter a new season.

Spa treatment

5. Drink lots of water

This tip is no secret. You should be drinking approximately 6-8 glasses of water each day, not only to replace the water lost as the hours tick by or to keep you feeling physically refreshed, but also to ensure your skin stays hydrated and glows with radiance.

6. Use a facial mist

For a quick boost of hydration when you’re out and about enjoying the spring sunshine, consider a facial spray. It’s the perfect little addition to your handbag and a few spritzes of the antioxidant-rich spray provides instant soothing and refreshment to skin that feels tired and irritated.




7. Consider and treat your allergies

Spring is the season where all the beautiful flowers blossom and bloom. It is also the season where allergens blossom and bloom. If you find yourself sniffling and itching this time of year and your skin turns red and blotchy, you may well be suffering from a seasonal allergy. Pollen is the usual culprit but rest assured, there are plenty of treatments available that will have your skin glowing bright and clear again in no time!

8. Wear less face makeup

As the weather begins to grow warmer a lot of us opt to put less on our faces and embrace a more natural look. This is usually due to the increase in humidity that opens up the pores, leaving them prone to sweat and dirt build-up and thus contributing to acne breakouts, so the less face makeup you wear, the less clogged up your pores will get. Less really is more when it comes to your makeup this season!

Want to get some tailored advice for the best spring skincare routine? Visit The Spa at The Athenaeum and chat to one of our expert beauty therapists.


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