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18th December 2017

Arrange your room with sleep hygiene in mind

Your bedroom has to be just right to give you the best chance of good quality sleep at night, so have a look at your room with a critical eye. Darkness is crucial for a good night’s sleep, so invest in blackout curtains or heavy-duty curtains that shut out the light from your room properly. These curtains also help reduce noise coming in through your windows. Make sure other sources of noise are kept at bay too, by turning off electronics such as your mobile phone. Temperature is also important – ensure your room is kept at a cool temperature between 16°C and 18°C. At The Athenaeum, our blackout curtains, in-room temperature controls and ‘do not disturb’ signs all help you get a great night’ sleep.

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Exercise and daytime rhythms

Exercising daily is said to be hugely beneficial to those who struggle to sleep well. It works your muscles and helps you release tension, which also helps to banish stress. However, it’s important to exercise during the day and not too close to bedtime, as it could be counter-productive and make you too alert before trying to sleep. If you do want to exercise near bedtime, do something such as yoga, which helps promote relaxation. Consider changing your other daytime habits if you struggle to sleep too. For example, cut down on stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes, or at least don’t have them too late in the day. If you’re partial to a daytime nap but are struggling to sleep at night, try to cut the nap out to see if it helps. At The Athenaeum, our gym is open 24/7 for guests so you can fit exercise into your own schedule, while Green Park across the road is ideal for a daytime run.

Green Park

Pre-bedtime rituals

Having a set period of time to wind down before going to bed really helps your body get in the mood for sleep. This could include having a relaxing bath with calming essential oils and enjoying a cup of camomile tea before bed. Also switch off your electronic devices at least an hour before bedtime. This includes mobile phones, laptops, tablets and television. Instead, relax with a good old-fashioned book. At The Athenaeum, have a bath in our rooms, suites and residences with bubble bath by ESPA. The jasmine, bergamot and cedarwood oils in our bath gels are ideal for relaxation. You’ll also find a selection of complimentary artisan herbal teas in your bedroom too.


Practice good mattress health

The Dalai Lama called sleep ‘the best medication’. Investing in a good mattress is the sensible thing to do when striving for the perfect night of sleep. It’s something you use – or should be using – for eight hours every single night, so don’t scrimp on cheap, uncomfortable options. The best mattresses are firm enough to support your spine in the correct alignment. Always try out a mattress before you buy it and move into different positions to be sure. According to The Sleep Council, we all move sleeping positions up to 60 times per night! Mattresses should also be changed approximately every seven years. At The Athenaeum, we have Hypnos mattresses – known to be some of the best in the bed business – to give you a great night’s sleep. Hypnos has held a Royal warrant since 1929, so you can rest assured you’ll be sleeping as well as our Royal neighbours.


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