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Low-No Alcohol Drink at The Athenaeum Bar

10th February 2021


“A great party starter and non-alcoholic sparkling alternative to Prosecco, Nosecco has a pleasant aroma, is medium dry, not too sweet but most importantly, still has bubbles! I find it really easy to drink and enjoy the elderflower, green apple and peach flavours.”

Bottomless Prosecco Lunch

Atopia Spiced Citrus

“Atopia is a stand-out low-alcoholic spirit for me due to being made from natural distillates, extracts and flavours. And when I say low-alcohol, it is ultra-low at just 0.5% ABV. The Spiced Citrus flavour is fruity and aromatic and is best mixed with a Mediterranean tonic and orange slices.”


Atopia Spiced Citrus

Everleaf: FOREST 

“If you’re a spritz lover, you must try this non-alcoholic aperitif from Everleaf. It’s an elaborated blend of 14 sustainably sourced botanicals carefully chosen to capture Forest flavours including Saffron, Madagascar Vanilla and liquorice. I recommend mixing this non-alcoholic aperitif with soda water or tonic.”


Everleaf Forest

 Martini Vibrante

“Martini Vibrante is a fantastic alternative when you are not drinking. Made using the same selection of wines as MARTINI’s classic Vermouths, this offering brings all the characteristics of an Italian Aperitif, but without the alcohol! Enjoy the vibrant, citrusy flavours served in a rock glass with ice.”



Grove 42 Seedlip

“A low-alcohol brand you’ve probably already heard of, but Seedlip still makes my list of favourites. Grove 42 Seedlip is made from six carefully selected botanicals and spices, sourced from around the world and distilled in copper pot stills. I love its bitter orange, mandarin, lemon and zesty notes, it’s such a great alternative when you want a refreshing, sophisticated cocktail without the alcohol or sugar.”




Our low alcohol cocktail recipe

  • 50ml Grove 42 Seedlip
  • 20ml Lemon Juice
  • 15ml Sugar Syrup
  • Top up Nosecco Prosecco

Simply shake with ice and serve in a chilled flute glass, garnishing with lemon zest. Enjoy!

Low-No Alcohol Cocktail – Mocktail -1

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