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Christmas Dinner – Festive Dining – Nov 2021 – Resized-2

29th November 2021

1. Write down everything you plan on cooking

Before you even turn the oven on to pre-heat, sit down and make a list of everything that you wish to include in your Christmas dinner. If you plan right at the very beginning, you’re less likely to forget anything important (like the buttery roast potatoes!).

2. Prepare Christmas Dinner in advance

Taking the time to prep the day before will only make your life easier come Christmas morning. Chop the vegetables and place the pigs in blankets and stuffing in baking trays ready to go straight in the oven on Christmas Day.

3. Create a list of timings

With so many dishes to cook and them all taking varying amounts of time in the oven, it can certainly feel overwhelming. But if you’ve written down a list of timings in chronological order, you can’t go too wrong.

4. Use goose or duck fat for roast potatoes

Roasting the Christmas potatoes in goose or duck fat will ensure the ultimate crispiness and give them the deliciously rich flavour that standard cooking oil just won’t achieve.


5. Turn the cooked turkey upside down to rest and cover with tin foil

This is an excellent trick to make sure that the turkey is juicy and succulent the whole way through.

6. Do a trial run beforehand

Any excuse to have Christmas dinner more than once before the big day arrives – we’re all for it! To guarantee the perfect Christmas meal, perhaps you could experiment in the kitchen in the weeks prior, to see what works and what doesn’t.

7. Get others to help

Cooking is much more enjoyable when it’s a joint effort, and on Christmas Day when stress levels are rising in the kitchen, don’t struggle alone – enlist the help of your nearest and dearest. Perhaps have one person in charge of the turkey whilst another takes care of the vegetables.

8. Have a washing up helper

Admittedly the worst task after a sumptuous Christmas feast has rendered us too full-up with delicious food to lift even a finger, it’s the dreaded washing up. But, it’s got to be done, so make it as painless as possible and assign one person to wash up whilst everyone else grabs a tea towel to dry the dishes.



If you don’t fancy the stress of cooking for everyone, join us over Christmas and we’ll take care of it for you!

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