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6th April 2018

An annual event celebrated on 22 April every year, Earth Day has been observed across the world since 1970. With an aim to educate and galvanize support for environmental issues, Earth Day sees communities come together for activities and events. The theme for 2018 is about ending plastic pollution and highlighting the knock-on effect it has on both the food chain and littering local environments.

For Earth Day in London this year, check out some of the following events and celebrations.

Pack the Future

This exhibition at the Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising features some of the latest design initiatives from companies making sustainable alternatives to packaging, including plant-based and edible inventions. A perfect fit for the theme of this year’s Earth Day, the exhibition will be on until the end of August.

By the deep, by the mark

This exhibition at Somerset House by artist Eloise Hawser is all about water, focusing on the connection between the waters of the River Thames and water in the human body. The exhibition’s last day is on Earth Day itself.

London Marathon

This year’s London Marathon falls on Earth Day. Although it’s not specifically designed for this purpose, it’s apt that this is a day that many of London’s roads are closed to traffic in favour of people travelling via the more environmentally-friendly option of two feet instead!

Wildlife Photographer of the Year

This annual wildlife photography competition exhibition will be on in the Natural History Museum until 28 May. Celebrating the world’s wildlife captured by talented photographers, this is the perfect way to mark Earth Day in the city.

Fashioned from Nature

An exhibition at the V&A which opens over Earth Day weekend, this show is all about getting visitors to think about the materials that go into making their clothes.

At The Athenaeum, doing our bit for the environment is important to us too. This is most visible in our Living Wall, the vertical garden that begins on our building’s façade at street level and extends all the way to the tenth-floor penthouse. A haven for biodiversity in the centre of London, we’re proud to be part of making London a city that embraces green and sustainability credentials. The Athenaeum is also the winner of a Greener Path award for landfill diversion, due to our work on minimising waste, boosting recycling and reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill.

To find out more about our living wall, click below.


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