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Living Wall

29th March 2022

The UK’s First Living Wall

Possibly our most impressive environmental achievement came to fruition over a decade ago in 2009. Our Living Wall covers 329 square metres and the way in which we arrange the plants means we have the equivalent of 16-and-a-half middle-sized trees on the wall. These plants purify the air around us by soaking up greenhouse gases and converting CO2 into oxygen. It has been calculated that our wall removes 757kg of CO2 and produces 559kg of oxygen per year!

The Athenaeum Building

Zero Waste to Landfill

We have enlisted the support and help of Grundon Waste Management Ltd – an environmentally-friendly waste disposal company. Did you know that our non-recyclable waste gets turned into energy at Energy from Waste facilities, and is further used to generate renewable electricity for the National Grid? Our waste is also transformed into materials for road surfaces and buildings. In taking this sustainable approach, we end up diverting our general waste from ever going into landfill!


The Lobby at The Athenaeum
The Athenaeum Hotel

Energy Saving

Many energy-saving methods have been implemented in the day-to-day running of the hotel in a bid to become more environmentally friendly. For example:

  • Our Building Management System (BMS) detects the temperature in each room and will automatically adjust accordingly.
  • We have occupancy sensors in all hotel bedrooms and in most offices which will automatically switch off the lights and adjust the room temperature accordingly in energy-saving mode.
  • Water restrictors have been installed on shower heads and taps.
  • Modern double-glazed windows have been fitted in hotel rooms.
  • All areas in the building have LED bulbs installed.
  • Most of the pumps and motors used in the running of the hotel are energy-efficient. The remaining equipment is currently being upgraded.
Park View Teal room
Green Park suite shower
Park view breakfast set up

Sustainable Food and Beverage Suppliers

The food and drink that we choose to consume play a bigger role in saving the planet than a lot of us would like to admit. Here at The Athenaeum we have always been dedicated to ensuring that our suppliers are both ethical and local providers of the ingredients that end up in our kitchen.

Savoury Afternoon Tea

Partnered with NOW: Transforming Travel

Described as ‘an alliance of travel industry thought-leaders that don’t greenwash, and are credibly proven to be sustainable,’ NOW connects travellers to inspiring and responsible hotels and resorts. We have recently become a NOW Hotel as we share their passion and drive for a sustainable future, and, as they say so themselves – it must be now!


Join us in the heart of Mayfair for an unforgettable spring staycation.


Living Wall at The Athenaeum
The stately lobby space of The Athenaeum's luxury hotel in Mayfair.
Green Park

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