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Liberty London is only a ten minute bus ride away from The Athenaeum Hotel and Residences, whilst walking via the quaint Mayfair streets takes just twenty minutes. Walking up Regent Street allows you to pass some of the most famous fashion stores as well as the world’s oldest and largest toy shop in the world, Hamleys.

Liberty London is rich in history, and yet still remains a favourite for those looking for modern trends. There is little that can’t be found in terms of luxury furnishings and fashion within the walls of Liberty. From women’s, men’s and children’s fashion to cosmetics, fragrances and home furnishings, Liberty is a must see when it comes to London fashion and history.

Visually this department store is stunning, timbers from old ships line the exterior of the building helping you to easily distinguish it from the surrounding area. On stepping inside, you are immersed in rich history as well as a bounty of departments to explore.

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